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Genderqueer Writers

For qenderqueer, trans, queer and allied writers

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The Genderqueer Writers LiveJournal community is a forum for writers who are members of the genderqueer/queer communities, who may identify (among other things) as genderqueer, trans, queer, allied or something else entirely.

I feel very strongly that the people traditionally called "allies" (such as cisgendered men and women who may be partners or family members of trans or genderqueer people) are actually fundamentally members of the genderqueer and trans communities. I use the term "ally" but want to state clearly that I disagree with the implicit meaning of "ally" as "not part of." For the purposes of this community, writings from cisgendered voices and about cisgender experience is welcomed as intrinsically part of the purpose of the forum if it relates to the topic at hand or comes from someone who considers him-, her-, or zeself a member of a genderqueer, queer or trans community.

The community is a place to post announcements of publications, calls for submission and writing prompts relevant to genderqueer/queer communities.

Since this forum is primarily for announcements, discussion should take place in the comments section, under a related entry.